We are passionate about the ocean.

We believe in a journey that goes forward, so we try to avoid doing things twice. We go point to point and chart a pathway that is different.

T.A. Sayers
Te Atarangi (T.A.) Sayers – As a New Zealand Maori, the ocean is part of a shared life force and makes up his identity. As a Marine Biologist, he champions for the health and well-being of this precious life force through a shared relationship with the marine space. Both indigenous awareness and biological sciences have been the bases for his innovative approaches to empowering communities. It is this balanced approach, he brings to marine protection.


Doris Neubauer

Doris Neubauer – An Austrian Journalist with a passion for sustainability, the environment, social equity – and, most of all, with constantly itchy feet. After travelling from Uganda to Buthan, from Ireland to Alaska in quest of finding people and projects that change the world, she now transferred her nomadic lifestyle to the ocean. What she took with her is her passion and drive to see a better world and her aim to inspire change.


S.V. Kahu, 8 meter vessel, sitting in a bay at an offshore island in the Bay of Plenty
Kahu sitting in a bay at an offshore island in the Bay of Plenty

S.V. Kahu – Named after the New Zealand Harrier bird, she is a well balanced Raven 26. Built in 1979, she is a very capable vessel designed for coastal cruising in New Zealand. Although Kahu might not be big, she packs all that we need in a small space. We could not have wished for a better, safer companion for our circumnavigation to the less seen places.


couple standing on rock Bowling Bay, Great Barrier Island
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