Ocean Facts

For every one of us, the ocean means something different: For some, it is their “go-to-place” to find stillness and peace, others seek for adventure; and to others, it is their source of livelihood. There is hardly anyone, who is not touched or inspired by it. Because for all of us, the ocean is life!

Our ocean is a treasure, a massive volt that has the building blocks of life in it. Our ocean is full of diversity. Collectively, the ocean is the largest living network of life on earth

  • it covers 71 % of our planet
  • it produces 50 to 70 % of our oxygen – more than the world´s rainforests combined
  • it is our best alliance against climate change: 93,4 % of the heat created by CO2 emissions and a third of the carbon dioxide produced are absorbed by the ocean.
  • fish is the main food source and a critical source of protein for 2,6 billion coastal people
  • it supports the greatest abundance of life on our planet
  • 24 Billion US Dollar is made through the utilisation of the ocean
Blue Maomao are a common reef fish that inhabit the warm waters of the North East coast of New Zealand.
Blue Maomao is a common reef fish that inhabit the warm waters of the North East coast of New Zealand.

Unfortunately, other facts are heartbreaking:

  • 4,8 – 12,7 million tons of plastic wasteland in the ocean every year
  • it takes up to 450 years until one plastic bottle is degraded
  • more than 1 million seabirds and 100.000 other marine life die every year because of plastic waste
  • due to global warming, almost 2 third of sea fish species migrate in cooler waters
  • about 85 % of fish are in danger due to over-fishing
  • 90% of the global fish stock is at its maximum capacity if not overfished
  • more than 27 Million tons of fish and other marine life ends in nets of trawlers as bycatch. This is about 1/3 of the caught fish.
  • if the situation does not change, most of the fish stock will be gone by 2048
  • More than 300.000 wales, dolphins, tumbler die in nets and on hooks.
  • Additionally, 300.000 birds like albatross or penguins drown cause they dive for baits
    (Sources: UN Environment Program, Alfred Wegener Institute, Meeresatlas 2017, WWF, FAO, respact)

Our Vision: A healthy ocean supports a healthy community.

As mariners, fishers, sailors, surfers, divers, recreational cruisers or beach lovers – we all share a connection with our “big blue backyard”. We all benefit from flourishing marine life, biodiversity and clean water free of plastic and discharge. Through marine protection, we can achieve this and restore the abundance of the sea.

By sailing around New Zealand, we want to share intimate insights on the coastal and marine life of New Zealand. Most of all though, we want to raise awareness for the importance of our relationship with the ocean. It is this connection we want to communicate, cherish and celebrate.