The journey is over (… it has just begun)

After 72 days, around 2.000 nm, 2 ex-cyclones, several tropical storms, 1 destroyed autopilot, 1 new battery, 1 damaged mobile phone, 1 soaked laptop, 1 lost bucket lid and 2 destroyed buckets, 1 Coastguard-tow up, 1 police rescue mission, 1 blown up exhaust pump, 1 ripped off UV strip of our foresail, thousands of hours binge-watching … Continue reading The journey is over (… it has just begun)

Sailors don´t blog: Review and outlook

If you sail, you don´t blog - that is my résumé of the first weeks sailing around New Zealand. Since our departure from Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, I have not typed a single word on my computer. There was simply no time. In recent weeks, we've been too busy facing the stormy conditions and heavy … Continue reading Sailors don´t blog: Review and outlook

Setting sails … and what the Environment Court has to do with it

Good things come to those who wait, they say. For the last three months, I have done quite a bit of waiting... waiting for this day to come: The day of our departure to sail around New Zealand. It is a day, that has been postponed too many times for my taste. Even though it … Continue reading Setting sails … and what the Environment Court has to do with it

Romantic picnic on top of Bugess Island.

A paradise called Mokohinau

“Wich part did impress you most?” people keep on asking the two of us after our cruise from the Bay of Plenty to the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. The answer comes as quickly as simultaneously: The Mokohinau (Pokohinu) Islands – a paradise for those who love solitude, the sights of sh curiously checking … Continue reading A paradise called Mokohinau

We found this heart shaped sponge on a beach walk in Papamoa.

How to date a change-maker*

The sun was setting down over the dunes in Papamoa in New Zealand´s Bay of Plenty. It had been romantic evening - one of the evenings you have to pinch yourself to realize it was real. After a walk on the beach, we were having a picnic in the sand, hidden away from the curious … Continue reading How to date a change-maker*

6 weeks sailing in New Zealand: A sea trial

"In six weeks you can singlehandedly sail Kahu", T.A. said to me. His infinite optimism keeps on surprising me. It is both encouraging as well as putting me under pressure from time to time: I should learn to navigate the boat on my own in just six weeks? We will see. Six weeks was not … Continue reading 6 weeks sailing in New Zealand: A sea trial

Coming back to Kahu makes our heart jump.

Finding the right vessel 

Some long black coffees, an idea and two individuals - that´s all we had when we sat in the coffee shop and decided to sail around New Zealand and connect with coastal communities to promote marine restoration.  Quite clearly, there were critical items missing: We needed a vessel to make Nomad Ocean Project a reality. When … Continue reading Finding the right vessel