The intention of this journey is to experience and share the world from a different perspective – the one, that can only be achieved from the sea.

New Zealand:

We explore one of the largest coastlines in the world with hundreds of small islands, deep fiords, long bays and protected waters. We experience what is known to be some of the best sailing in the world. Most of all, we are looking forward to connecting with communities, fishermen, cruisers, … and celebrate the relationship with the ocean we all share.

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Kayaking around the book shelf at Great Mercury Island while sailing around New Zealand
Kayaking around the bookshelf at Great Mercury Island

Sailing through the sunset. Swimming with dolphins. Cruising sound like a dream come true. The reality of sailing though can hit quite hard: Stuck in an anchorage, gusts of 40 knots or a line wrapped around your tender during passage… There is a solution for all of it. And sometimes, this solution is to sit and wait till the storm passes by. 

Remote working:

With our lives, we also transferred our workspace to our 26 foot home. We share the opportunities and challenges of freelancing in some of the remotest areas around New Zealand. And yes, the search for internet will be part of it.

Tiny Boat living:

With 26 foot aka 8 meters, Kahu can definitely be described as a tiny boat. Even though she surprised us already with her big heart (= storage space), she still has her limits. Which ones? We find out together.

Indigenous and Maori values:

New Zealand has a strong relationship with the indigenous Maori people. The values of the Maori world provide for a connection to the natural world in a relationship of substance. Even in the fast pace of the modern society, these values still remain strong with Maori people. Their customs, culture and relationships are formed by a bond between people, the land and the ocean.

Marine Life:

Marine ecology and biology have many influences – from the nature of wind, wave, tide and chemistry to the biological interactions of the animals that live in the ocean. Our mission is to share this with you so that we as a community can better understand these beautiful creatures and the important role they play. Our ocean is often overlooked as a vast and sometimes difficult environment to relate to. We would like to invite you to look at the ocean from an oceanic perspective.

Marine Restoration:

Protecting the marine environment is now more important than ever before. Our ocean struggles under the weight of the influences from man’s activities. The marine life and abundance that we grew up with have changed. We now often see the results of degradation: From the loss of fish and marine life due to the exploitation of the marine plastic that litter our coastline. We believe that marine protection is more than just a marine reserve. It is the protection and preservation of a connection with the community. We need to maintain the relationship with marine spaces and places by having empathy and compassion for the ocean and the community that relies on what our ocean provides.

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