Climate Change – be a part of the solutions.

“Real solutions to the climate crisis are being built by those who have always protected the Earth and by those who fight every day to defend their environment and living conditions. We need to globalise these solutions.

For us, the struggles for climate justice and social justice are one and the same. It is the struggle for territories, land, forests and water, for agrarian and urban reform, food and energy sovereignty, for women’s and worker’s rights. It is the fight for equality and justice for indigenous peoples, for peoples of the global South, for the redistribution of wealth and for the recognition of the historical ecological debt owed by the North.”

Read more here… Climate Justice Assembly Declaration by ‘Climate Justice Now!’, a network of organisations and movements from across the globe committed to the fight for social, ecological and gender justice.

Our friends of “Climate Justice Taranaki” have posted a great overview of what we can do to prevent the increase of climate change. Please check it out here and become a part of the solutions >> What you can do >>


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