BBC Ocean Stories 4/4: We are part of it

“I’ve been fascinated by the Maori approach to the living quality of nature for a while so it was really interesting to read your email and see your webpage. It so happens that we are preparing a series for the BBC World Service which will profile each of the world’s oceans and talk to people who live and work in them.  Your journey is definitely something we could consider including within the Pacific programme.” (Alasdair Cross)

… what would you answer when an email like this arrives in your inbox?

Yes, of course, we´d love to be a part of the BBC World Service.

Months have gone by since this email correspondence, and finally, on the 13th of December, 1.32 pm local time, our little contribution to the “Ocean Stories” will be broadcasted by BBC World Service radio.

You can download the show or listen to it online.

More broadcasting times as well as the other parts of the Ocean Stories:

We´re happy to share the story of the Maori approach to marine restoration.

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