About (zero) plastic

Plastic seems to haunt us wherever we go. It´s in the products, around our products – and it is one of the biggest challenges the ocean and marine life have to face. It is also a topic almost every cruiser puts some thoughts into.

Here is our collection of our thoughts, research about and experiments with this topic on our move towards a future with less and less plastic:

3 thoughts on “About (zero) plastic

  1. Hi – I don’t have a boat, but my family are beach lovers and I’m an ex-rower from waaaaay back so yes, plastic has been on my mind a long time too.

    I just thought I’d drop you a line and say hi, I’m following your blog. I look forward to your posts, and to reading about what you discover as you travel.

    Lee (down in Dunedin)

    1. Hi Lee, thank you for your comment and feedback. Looking forward to staying in touch. Greetings from Motiti Island/ Bay of Plenty

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