How we developed Nomad Ocean

Like all great things, this project started in a café over a couple of long black coffees.

We had met a month earlier in a great little coffee shop in Mount Maunganui, in the Bay of Plenty of New Zealand, and we have gotten on really well. We both had a commitment to change the world in our own little way: Doris was writing as a freelancer for sustainability and environmental justice magazines, and I was developing Marine protection and working as a consultant for a local NGO.

It was summer, and the ideas of the world just seemed to flow. The conversations about the issues of what was happening in relation to environment, cultural, social and other societal issues developed over the next 3 months.

“People need connection. Connection makes up our shared identity, and our identity supports the wellbeing of the community.”

Around the end of January of 2017, we were having coffee together and started to think about how we could collaborate on a project. What was important to us was to raise awareness of the challenges our generation faced. My marine science and recreational background seemed like a good starting point. When I explained the interconnected relationship of the ocean with all life, it got us thinking about how we could communicate this connection. So, the first values of the Nomad Ocean Project were set.

We hadn’t really thought of sailing as the vehicle to share it, but it became clear that this was going to provide a critical element to our conversation. Sailing is a beautiful relationship of balance: Balancing the wind, waves, tides and to find the flow to propel you to your destination. This became part of the underlying principle of the project. We also wanted to see, share and communicate the importance of the ocean to the world. Sailing gave us a different perspective, a timeless quality to these goals.

“All things evolve in patterns related to the flow of energy, and the resistance influencing this flow, to a point of balance and equilibrium” 

Nomad Ocean Project was born. Over the next weeks, we developed the concept of how we could engage the community to share, inspire and lead a pathway to restoring our connection with an abundant marine environment.

And the journey begins…

Good coffee makes space for good ideas shared with others.

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