Welcome to Nomad Ocean

We are sailing around New Zealand in our tiny yacht to share the potential of the ocean.


As passionate humans and believer in the power of communities, we embark on this journey with a dream: We want to connect with people, share stories and raise awareness for marine protection.


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6 weeks sailings in New Zealand: A sea trial

“In six weeks you can singlehandedly sail Kahu”, T.A. said to me. His infinite optimism keeps on surprising me. It is both encouraging as well as putting me under pressure from time to time: I should learn to navigate the boat on my own in just six weeks? We will see. Six weeks was not … Continue reading 6 weeks sailings in New Zealand: A sea trial

Finding the right vessel 

Some long black coffees, an idea and two individuals – that´s all we had when we sat in the coffee shop and decided to sail around New Zealand and connect with coastal communities to promote marine restoration.  Quite clearly, there were critical items missing: We needed a vessel to make Nomad Ocean Project a reality. When … Continue reading Finding the right vessel 

Plastic in the ocean – A Serial Killer

It was one of the first days where you could feel that summer is in the air. We decided to take a stroll down to the little sandy “beach” of the Tauranga Bridge Marina, where we are currently preparing Kahu for our circumnavigation of New Zealand. I was drawing flowers in the sand, when T.A. … Continue reading Plastic in the ocean – A Serial Killer

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